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Remote Control Orchestra

Imagine if you could have a remote control that controlled an orchestra. (Feel free to jump to 3:15, it is a little slow to get started.) Aleksey Igudesman & Sebastian G├╝rtler, together with the Upper Austrian Youth Orchestra in a project called "The Cyber Conductor".

Who is Steve Vai? in 4 mins...

This reel was played at the 27th Annual TEC Awards where Steve Vai received the Les Paul Award- a prestigious award honoring those who have achieved excellence in music and innovation.

U2's The Edge soundchecks his guitar rig (It Might Get Loud)

Taken from the awesome documentary guitar movie 'It Might Get Loud', U2's The Edge and his guitar tech Dallas Schoo soundchecking Edge's guitar rig. Deleted scene off It Might Get Loud. Songs performed: Until The End Of The World, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Bad

Robot Quadrotors Performs The Classic 'James Bond' Theme

Flying robot quadrotors perform the James Bond Theme by playing various instruments including the keyboard, drums and maracas, a cymbal, and the debut of an adapted guitar built from a couch frame. The quadrotors play this "couch guitar" by flying over guitar strings stretched across a couch frame; plucking the strings with a stiff wire attached to the base of the quadrotor. A special microphone attached to the frame records the notes made by the "couch guitar". These flying quadrotors are completely autonomous, meaning humans are not controlling them; rather they are controlled by a computer programed with instructions to play the instruments.

Slash - You're A Lie (NEW)

Here's a quick taste of what's to come on Slash's upcoming album release 'Apocalyptic Love'. Its pretty rockin!Apocalyptic Love tracklisting The full tracklisting for Apocalyptic Love is as follows. All the songs were written together by Slash and Myles Kennedy. 1) Apocalyptic Love
2) One Last Thrill
3) Standing In The Sun
4) You're A Lie
5) No More Heroes
6) Halo
7) We Will Roam
8) Anastasi
9) Not For Me
10) Bad Rain
11) Hard & Fast
12) Far And Away
13) Shots Fired In the UK the Classic Rock Fan Pack release will also feature two extra exclusive bonus tracks: 14) Carolina
15) Crazy Life

JEFF LOOMIS - The Ultimatum (featuring Tony MacAlpine)

Scary Nevermore guitarist JEFF LOOMIS is back with a new solo following his previous release 'Zero Order Phase'. The new album entitled "Plains of Oblivion" and will be available in April. This track 'The Ultimatum' features a guest solo by Tony MacAlpine.