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So Daggy... Its Cool

Staying on the quest for amazing fingerstyle players from last post, today sees us land in the Netherlands to hear Igor Presnyakov. Igor has a huge collection fingerstyle covers on his youtube that I highly recommend.
For what he lacks in the quality camcorder department he makes up in his playing. Groove spiced arrangements of some cool songs both old and new. From Beethoven to Michael Jackson to Rage Against The Machine Igor sure covers the bases!
The video below comes with a personal confession, I have a soft spot for this daggy old electro pop song 'popcorn'. After indecision on which of his great videos to post I couldnt help but go with my heart! Pop it up yo :)

Visit Igor youtube page and hear some of his other great acoustic covers:

Fingerstyle Acoustic Magic

Oh wow, now this is a good one.
My eyes were glued to the screen the whole video.

If your daring check out tabs on his site at:

Want to play finger style guitar like Andy McKee, Tommy Emmanuel and this guy? Then you have got to check out Rockers Guide to Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar

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Blues... with a twist

If you type 'acoustic guitar' into Youtube the top two places are taken by percussion and tapping maestro Andy McKee. The man is a big part of the rising popularity of the style over the last year or two.

Personally I love the style, possibly my only gripe is that the songs you hear using the technique usually all have a very similar folky or new age vibe to them. It made me think, surely someone can push it a bit further and meld the techniques with other styles.

It's with this in mind that the following video really caught my attention, this is a blues using the percussion / tapping guitar style. Cool stuff... nice to see someone opening things up and bit.

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One Man Electric Guitar Orchestra

For many rockers their only chance for crossover into appreciating classical is through neo classical shred guitar like Yngwie Malmsteen. Paul is one of the few electric guitar players that plays classical songs true to their original form without them sounding out of place on the electric guitar.

There is just some thing about electric guitar and classical that doesnt go very well together normally, hence the fact you normally hear it given a metal or shred treatment.

Maybe what differentiates Paul is that instead of arranging string lines on other instruments or cutting away all but the main melody is he plays all the instruments lines on the guitar, creating a guitar impression of an 'electric guitar orchestra' of sorts. Whatever you want to call it, he has a great take on playing classical on electric guitar. Enjoy and mabe try your own hand at some classical on electric guitar.

Death Metal Guitar Harmonies - Just Beautiful

One of the things that I love about melodic metal that you dont find in any other style is the awesomely arranged guitar harmonies. Busy, frantic and well... just downright impressive.

If you can speak french you might learn a thing or two from the lesson portion of the video, if not just watch closely :) It seems that Frenchies can Metal it up with the best of them!

Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.12

Here it is...

Flight Of The Conchords - "I Told You I Was Freaky"

Some would say you cant have a novelty album is your top 5 fave of the year but I have faith I'll still find it amusing for years to come. Besides that, these guys are so great at nailing the cliches of musical styles.

Track: To Many Dicks On The Dance Floor

So tell me, what were your favorites of 2009?
What strange categories do you have?

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Favorite Albums of 2009 Pt.11

2 albums remain... and this one may surprise some people.

Paramore - "Brand New Eyes"

Yep I love this album, clever dual guitars, cool chick vox and the songs are catchy as all get out, demanding me to listen to them again and again.

Track: Ignorance

Tune in tomorrow as I wind up this epic favoriting saga with my final fave album of 2009.

Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.10

Last entry declared the new albums of Dave Matthews Band and Alice In Chains 2 of my favorite albums of the year. Over the next 3 days I will be rounding up my final 3 favorites...

Devin Townsend Project - "Ki"

Track: Coast

Join me tomorrow, 2 albums remain.
Any guesses what my final 2 picks will be?