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One Man Electric Guitar Orchestra

For many rockers their only chance for crossover into appreciating classical is through neo classical shred guitar like Yngwie Malmsteen. Paul is one of the few electric guitar players that plays classical songs true to their original form without them sounding out of place on the electric guitar.

There is just some thing about electric guitar and classical that doesnt go very well together normally, hence the fact you normally hear it given a metal or shred treatment.

Maybe what differentiates Paul is that instead of arranging string lines on other instruments or cutting away all but the main melody is he plays all the instruments lines on the guitar, creating a guitar impression of an 'electric guitar orchestra' of sorts. Whatever you want to call it, he has a great take on playing classical on electric guitar. Enjoy and mabe try your own hand at some classical on electric guitar.


Jhato200x said…
that was great =)
Anonymous said…
paul gilret is the best, awezome