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More Than Just A Webcam Shredder

Its been over a year since I watched a MattRach video on youtube and I'm glad to say he's come a long way. I sensed that there was a spark of something a little more special than most youtube bedroom shredders but it was just yet to be realised.

Since his old webcam guitar vids things have really started to take shape. This video is still very lofi but that's also its strength, this clip wants to be messy.

As for the music those little spark of something special have materialised into solid song writing somewhere between Tom Morello's RATM riffery and MUSE style end of the world layered harmonies. Production is great and to my surprise the whole thing holds together really well. I look forward to seeing where things go for MattRach in the coming years.

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Anonymous said…
Your right about the tom merollo influence, and he's got the tele for it :)
Anonymous said…
i thought this guy was avergae guitar player when i first saw him on YT year ago, but he really good now
Anonymous said…
I know what you mean about being lofi, but it work.