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Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.9

Down to the business its time for:

My 5 Favorite Albums Of 2009

In no particular order cos that would just be to damn hard for an indecisive person like me and cause nothing but controversy and rioting in the streets :)

Dave Matthews Band - "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King"

Track: Why I Am

I love when a band can come back from years of down time and dish out a completely kick ass album head to tail and suprise the pants off me! that's What Alice In Chains did this year.

Alice In Chains - "Blue Give Way To Black"

Track: Check My Head

There is 3 albums to go in my favorites of 2009, check me soon next entry to see what they are!

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Keyla said…
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Nail Guitar said…
Thanks for your comment Keyla :)
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