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Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.9

Down to the business its time for:

My 5 Favorite Albums Of 2009

In no particular order cos that would just be to damn hard for an indecisive person like me and cause nothing but controversy and rioting in the streets :)

Dave Matthews Band - "Big Whiskey and the Groogrux King"

Track: Why I Am

I love when a band can come back from years of down time and dish out a completely kick ass album head to tail and suprise the pants off me! that's What Alice In Chains did this year.

Alice In Chains - "Blue Give Way To Black"

Track: Check My Head

There is 3 albums to go in my favorites of 2009, check me soon next entry to see what they are!

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Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.8

Two album that I was very excited about were super group Chicken Foot and the new album for Freak Kitchen. Unfortunately neither of them had any songs that set of the little fire cracker in me that makes you want to listen again and again. Those were my only real disappointments.

Onto the fave albums... Im going to work my way up starting with those that didnt make it into my top 5 but enjoyed never the less and need mentioning.

Well worth a listen:
Regina Spektor - Far (kooky piano based pop)
Karnivool - Sound Awake (Tool'ish heavy rock)
Jamie Cullum - The Pursuit (contempory jazz/pop)
Imogen Heap - Ellipse (alternative electro/pop)
Rodrigo Y Gabriella - 12:12 (acoustic guitar spanish)
John Mayer - Battle Studies (contempory blues & ballads)
Switchfoot - Hello Hurricane (Like U2 but cooler)

Electro Harmonix Freeze Pedal

What an awesome pedal, just this little demo sets my mind off on all the potential cool uses for it in songs. Also a nice addition to solo acoustic gigs for that jam with yourself vibe. To top it all off you can get them at a great price from amazon [link below]

Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.7

The second artist that I really got into this year is Danish guitarist Steffen Schackinger.

I featured him a short time ago on the blog but its mentioning again. Gun of a player, very tasty and great to watch playing. One of these bastardly always plays it perfectly guys :)

Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.6

So today's category is the stuff that I only just got into in 2009 but really should have been pumping out my speakers long before!

This one goes to Galactic, pretty much everything in the discography is gold if you love urban funk and groove with all live instruments (none of this doofy stuff haha).

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Favorite Music of 2009 Pt.5

So the next category of my 2009 fave music round up is:
"Didnt live up to its potential but look forward to a followup"

This album is cool but its jut 'lacking'... its as if its just holding back and not as Mr Fastfinger as it should be. I mean that in both the sense of the playing and putting more Mr Fastfinger spoken samples in there.

Im looking forward to future releases!

Next entry I'll be looking at the artists I got into in 2009 even though their music wasnt necessarily new. It really is the I was a bit slow catching on section :)

Guthrie Govan amazing Jam

In this video Guthrie Govan displays his amazing jam improvised jamming skills. Guthrie's slippery, almost fretless sounding phrasing stem largely from his use bends, slides and combination of the two. Great examples at 1:11 and 2:07.

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Favorite Music Of 2009

First off Happy New Year...

So its time for me to do a bit of a round up of my favorite music of 2009. When ever I do these lists I tend to forgot some the first time, in turn I often will write of list and not want to air them for fear of missing things out! Well, stuff it... no point in a list without sharing it hey (even if it is missing a few bits).

Instead of simply my 5 top albums and songs of the year (that would be boring) I like to respect the fact that my brain doesnt think in such a linear way... its more about lots of different little categories such as:

- Cool new stuff I got into this year even though it isnt new
- Didnt live up to its potential look forward to its followup
- Stuck it on repeat like a little kid with his first fave band
- Was excite for but just blended into the background
- (stock standard) 5 favorite albums of the year

I'll start today with hmmmm, which one ahhh...

Stuck it on repeat like a little
kid with his first fave band

There were 4 of these, the first …