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Erik Mongrain Teaches His Acoustic Magic

One of the first videos I ever posted on Nail Guitar Bog was by Erik Mongrain playing an all tapping song with the guitar on his lap. I become an instant fan and have followed him since.

The folks at Jamplay lined up an lesson with the great man and have juiced him for every drop of knowledge covering his approach, techniques and gear setup. The video and audio quality is top notch featuring multiple camera angles so you dont miss a note.

It looks like this will be a regular thing for Jamplay having high profile guest lessons. When you add this to the multitude of teachers they have teaching different styles it makes their month subscription lessons service a very attractive option. I would have killed for this when I was learning (considering the thousands of dollars I paid for private guitar lessons.)

Watch Erik's video below and if it sounds like the service is something you might be interested in click the link below and give Jamplay a try for a few months. If you follow the link and end up signing up I get a small commission which helps me cover the expenses of running Nail Guitar and in turn makes it possible for me to bring you even free lessons! Its all very karma like hey :)

Give Jamplay a try today!

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