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6 Year Old Playing Beatles... Well!

I know Ive blogged a few kid prodigy guitarist videos before but this is one of the better. He's got great feel... especially for a six your old.

As Ive said before and I'll say it again, next time you feel like dishing out an excuse like 'my hands are to small' or any other cheap cop out - remember this video. The full size Fender Strat is huge on him!

Also worth watching through to where he gets given a new guitar, his facial expression is priceless!

Erik Mongrain Teaches His Acoustic Magic

One of the first videos I ever posted on Nail Guitar Bog was by Erik Mongrain playing an all tapping song with the guitar on his lap. I become an instant fan and have followed him since.

The folks at Jamplay lined up an lesson with the great man and have juiced him for every drop of knowledge covering his approach, techniques and gear setup. The video and audio quality is top notch featuring multiple camera angles so you dont miss a note.

It looks like this will be a regular thing for Jamplay having high profile guest lessons. When you add this to the multitude of teachers they have teaching different styles it makes their month subscription lessons service a very attractive option. I would have killed for this when I was learning (considering the thousands of dollars I paid for private guitar lessons.)

Watch Erik's video below and if it sounds like the service is something you might be interested in click the link below and give Jamplay a try for a few months. If you follow the lin…

Amazing Mouth Guitarist

The skills of beat boxing to impersonate drums has been around for years so Im surprised Ive never actually seen anyone do the equivalent for guitar! Pretty impressive, Im sure his jaw must have been crafted by Gibson cos his tone is dead on :)

Creating The 'Heavy Sound'

If you enjoyed my last blog's video of Devin Townsend's musical wisdom but are more a fan of the heavy stuff check out this video. He digs into the technical side of recording heavy music with a clever tip on creating the 'heavy sound'.

If you enjoyed this video check out his old band Strapping Young Lad. These guys define true potential of HEAVY :)

Playing True To Your Heart

Townsend is one of my favourite musicians, period. He covers the spectrum of beautiful ambiance through to mind smashingly heavy like no-one else.

Check out this entertaining and wisdom filled little segment where Devin talks about playing from the heart and playing what's true to your heart.

You can check out his website at

Multi talented Mika Tyska

So last post I introduced you to Mr Fast Fingers, I hope you enjoyed jamming with him... loads of fun Im sure you'll agree! Check out Mr Fast Fingers brand new debut solo album, 'The Way Of The Exploding Guitar', I just bought it and its a good listen.

Creator and alter-ego Mika Tyska is tremendously multi talented also being the animator of Mr Fast Fingers. Still under the radar, I can see him growing in notoriety over the next year. Check out the film clip he did for Dream Theatre's 'Dark Eternal Night', very entertaining!

Keep your Guitar Hero, play Mr Fastfingers!

This is one of my all time fave guitar related sites. Seriously, just click the link and check it out. My girlfriend even enjoyed it, and she has no interest in guitar what so ever!

Try the 'lesson and jam', that's the most fun. (Takes a little bit for it all to load, but its worth it.) Click here to jam with Mr Fast Fingers!