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Look ma, NO HANDS!

Django Reinhardt is a gypsy jazz guitar icon still to this day for his amazing playing, both in the chordal and lead department. The thing that always wows new comers to his music is when they learn that he did it all with severely disfigured fingers on his fretting hand.

Django is an amazing inspiration for anyone feeling the urge to make excuses for their lousy playing with familiar calls like 'my fingers are to short' or 'to fat'.

This next guy takes that idea to a whole new level. The audio is slightly out of sink but if you watch long enough you'll see its the real deal... this guy is playing guitar with NO HANDS, (or arms for that matter)!


Guido said…
Wow...that's frikkin' awesome. The guy deserves a medal for perseverance! I wonder how much time it took for him to learn this skill.