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Humourous harmonics :)

Mattias IA Eklundh is one of my favorite guitarists. On top of that I would have to rank him as the funniest guitarist ever! If your wondering "is this guy always this chirpy?" check out any of his other videos and you'll soon realize the answer is a definitive yes!

Think your pretty good with harmonics? This short video will give you some homework!


Rob said…
Haha! Yes, Mattias is awesome!

Although, I've never really heard him play anything musical...

Might just be that I haven't heard enough of him.
Nail Guitar said…
The 'crazy' harmonics thing is definitely his trademark but he also plays great 'normal' melodic stuff.

Check out the acoustic tracks:
Time To Breathe
Detroit Rock City

Both on the Freak Guitar album. A~
Sarssipius said…
Rob you should really listen his albums close... I think Mattias is the most musical guitarist in the shred circuit. Though he already made lots of instrumental stuff most of his discography is made of real songs. Ok the structures are often complex, solos are often wild shred but he still sticks to the melody, and he sings. I particularly love the way he mixes his guitar skills with some really nice pop songs.

Definitely he is my favourite "shredder" (if this does mean something!