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Trash your beloved guitar for 4 million youtube views?

If you haven't already seen it now's the time... well, assuming you can handle a little bit of country music.

Based on his own true story, country song writer Dave Carroll flew with United Airlines and his rather pricey Taylor got dealt some major damage in transit. After weeks of delays on his claim to the airline, United eventually blew him off and took no responsibility for the damage.

He wrote a song about it, filmed this clip, put it on Youtube and the rest is history! Talk about turning a negative into a positive. The video has been huge, 4,000,000+ views in only 3 weeks! I bet United Airlines are regretting that decision :)

Dave Carroll - 'United Break Guitars'


Anonymous said…
4 million youtube views would him more than enough media attention to buy 10 new Taylors!