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MIDI Triggered Flame Bursts Of Glory!

So if you have ever had anything to do with midi you'll know that the basic concept is TRIGGERING. Its most often used to trigger instrument sounds by pressing keys on a keyboard or to trigger drum samples with an electric drum kit.

You can go further and do clever things like set up midi sequence events to trigger the change of guitar patches on pedal boards so that all complex pedal bashing is automated. (Mind you I have rarely seen it done out of practicality... its more a case of guys trying to hook two things together a get one device tell the other what to do purely out of manly conquest and feel proud of his own technical abilities.)

So before I get any more side tracked, in a nut shell midi is both terribly geeky and self indulgent while also have the potential to do some really cool stuff. This video is a great example of the later (which is admittedly quite rare!)

An electric drum kit has been rigged up to trigger gas flame bursts and it's been used at outdoor party gig at night. Take a look at the vid, its visually spectacular and just plain cool!