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Great AMP, great PLAYER

I happened across a clip of Pete Thorn at the recent Namm festival after hearing lots of people speaking praise of both the Suhr amps he was demoing and him as a player.

Gotta say Im pretty damn impressed with both. Pete is a session guitarist with plenty of worthy names under his belt and is the right hand man for Chris Cornell.

Obviously a great player like Pete would sound good through almost anything but I've gotta say I was damn impressed with what I heard. Pretty decent prices aswell.

Suhr Guitar Website - Amp Details
Pete Thorn Website -

Below is Pete Thorn demoing the Suhr Badger 30 (jump to 1:40mins if you want to skip the tech talk and go straight to the playing)...


Anonymous said…
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Young Vic said…
My first impression is that I love the tune, with some killer guitar riffs and some heavy beats, but I am not a fan of the vocals.