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Andy James - Shred Metal Jams

The breathtakingly talented ANDY JAMES joins the ranks of the jamtrackcentral guitar wizard army with this debut series of mind blowing Metal jams. Andy James Custom Metal Series One is packed with more licks than you could ever dream of ever trying to shake a stick at! This package will contain.. 5 mp4 Video's of Andy playing Live in the jamtrackcentral Studio
5 Audio tracks of the solos
5 backing tracks of the actual performance
5 Long extended backing tracks
5 totally accurate transcription in notation and TAB format Sign up to our newsletter to be kept in the loop..

"War" by Joe Satriani - From "Satchurated"

This video gives you an exclusive look at the song "War" from the upcoming "SATCHURATED" release. This is the FIRST 3D THEATRICAL CONCERT FILM release with brilliant 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and will preset the ultimate cinematic experience that you don't want to miss! IN SELECT US THEATRES IN MARCH, 2012 For more information visit and The film is directed by award-winning filmmakers Fran├žois and Pierre Lamoureux and produced by Cinemusica and Fogolabs, The filmmakers have directed and/or produced concert films and music documentaries for RUSH, The Who, Harry Connick, Jr., Slipknot, Rihanna, The Pretenders, Zappa Plays Zappa, Branford Marsalis, Cowboy Junkies, Collective Soul, Ben Harper, Willie Nelson, Deep Purple, The Stray Cats and others.

8 Year Old Guitarist Shreds!

8 year old mini band guitarist Zoe Thomson working on Stratosphere! Check out this amazing little metal guitarist in action. Zoe has some seriously tidy technique for her age. Definitely one to look out for in the years to come.

Introducing DigiTech iStomp

The iStomp works like every other stompbox. Step on the footswitch to turn it on and off. Adjust the knobs to dial-in the sound you want. The biggest difference between the iStomp and other stompboxes is you can completely change the iStomp to any pedal in the entire pedal line. Simply connect your iPod touch®, iPhone®, or iPad® and choose a pedal to load to your iStomp. In about the same time it takes to download a song you can turn the iStomp from a distortion to a reverb, a phaser to an overdrive, or a delay to a chorus. iStomp includes two free pedal downloads ¬- DigiTech's Total Recall™ digital delay and Redline™ overdrive to get you started.

Joe Satriani - "Satchurated" Promotional Trailer

"Satchurated", Joe Satriani's 3D concert film was recorded and filmed live on "The Wormhole Tour" by award winning filmmakers Pierre and Francois Lamoureux. Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master like Satch? Click Here

Paul Gilbert - Two Types of Guitarists

Paul Gilbert talks about the importance of maintaining rhythm or specifically 'groove' in your playing. Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master like Satch? Click Here

Van Halen 'Tattoo' - Brand New Song 2012

Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master? Click Here

Joe Satriani - Chickenfoot 1/7/12 Hangout

Joe Satriani takes time out from rehearsal to do another Hangout with fans to answer some questions. At the end we also walk over and chat briefly with Sammy Hagar and take a quick tour into the studio with Kenny Aronoff and Mike Anthony. Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master like Satch? Click Here

5 People Play 1 Guitar Simultaneously!

The title says it all... this is pretty awesome! Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master? Click Here

Thomas Leeb CD Giveaway Competition!

To celebrate the launch of my good friend Thomas Leeb's Facebook page he is giving you not 1 but 3 chances to win a copy of his new album 'No Alibis'. All you need to do is like his Facebook page. Easy huh! Click the button below and you'll be in the running. Winners announced March 1st on the Thomas Leeb Facebook page.

I recently completed uploading the series of videos I shot with him. Check them out below!