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Zvex Fuzz Factory - I Want One!

The Zvex Fuzz Factory certinly offers so crazy tonal posibiliites. Just listen to Matt Bellamy of MUSE to hear it action.

Got a hold of one of these great pedals for a great price below:

Chickenfoot "Foxy Lady" (live)

Chad Smith's live drumming intensity really sets the scene here for Joe Satriani belt out the classic riffs of the Jimi hendrix classic with a gritty passion. Enjoy!

Chickenfoot posted under this video:
This was a great year and we were just feeling thankful for all of you fans and thought we'd share this as a holiday gift. It's an outtake from the Live In Cabo webcast and is a really smoking version of this tune!

The Making of Gotyes 'Eyes Wide Open'

A short documentary film about the making of the Gotye song 'Eyes Wide Open'. Awesome insight into Wally's song writing process and how about that musical fence, I want one :) Filmed and edited by James Bryans ( The Winton Musical Fence designed and constructed by Graeme Leak (

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MattRach - 'Bad Romance' Lady Gaga Guitar Cover

Matt Rach is back up to his old bedroom guitar tricks again uploading an awesome instrumental shred guitar cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Matt landed a lot of negative comments moving to a live band set up, no doubt his old time fans will be happy to see him back ripping it up in the solo environment.

For those keen on making there own cover Matt has supplied a backing trackHERE but unfortunately you'll have to work out the tabs for yourself. Apart from the crazy shred bits it shouldn't give you to many problems though.

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Acoustic Looping Master Phil Keaggy

If there is one guitar trick that always grabs my attention is the use of looping. Check out the cool looper improv at 2:15secs. Phil start with percussion, adds bass (by detuning on the fly) and then jams over the lot with tasty acoustic blues licks. Very reminiscent of Dave Mathews right hand man Tim Reynolds.

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