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MattRach - Sevvoslag ( Official Video 2011)

MattRach is back with his crazy faces and intense Telecaster riffing. This piece has awesome dynamics and I love the way his solo constantly walks that fine balance of almost spilling out of control. Sevvoslag is taken from the album 2011 MattRach album "Already Out There". Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master? Click Here

Jon Gomm Just Melted My Face!

I remember once joking with a mate how cool it would be to use the tuners on your guitar to chance notes mid song. The joke is over cos Jon Gomm does it for real... and REALLY freakin well! Prepare to be wowed... (jump straight to 57 seconds for all the action.)Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Pete Thorn - "Homage" using Axe FX 2

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Garageband for iPhone & iPod ROCKS!

I just downloaded Garageband for iPhone today and after giving it good spin this evening Ive got to so its absolutely stunning! Ive downloaded 6 or 7 drum machine and music production apps in the last two week that have come up short. Must of them just arent very functional when it comes to actually 'making music' rather than just toying around. The amazing this is the price, at just over $5 Im utterly wowed. I truelly believe that several hundred music apps have just become redundant. There are some elements in it that the full computer version doesnt even feature. The integration of an on board sampler is an absolute killer. I look forward to putting this baby to good use when stuck places with time to kill. More details

Amazing Little Koreans Playing Guitar

Sending a person to this video is going to be my default response for anyone who tells me their hands are to small for guitar :) So other than having your parents force you to practice 3 hours a day from the age of 3, is there a better way to learn the guitar and actually enjoy it? Check out Rocksmith, available for Xbox 260, PS3 and PC.

Buy Rocksmith HERE