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Tosin Abasi Interview

'Animals As Leaders' creator Tosin Abasi talks about how he handles the pressure of being regarded a prodigy, his recording setup, 5 desert island albums and more.

Such a chilled, happy guy for such amazing abilities!

Awesome Guitar Demos Youtube Channel

Ever feel like you happy with the your guitar/s and dont need any more? Uncle Greg will fix that when you watch his videos... he's a guitar player / dealer based in Germany with an awesome Youtube channel showcasing hundreds of amazing guitars.

Check out his fantastic channel below, be prepared to drool though he sure has got some treats!

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2010 Movie Montage (Stunning Video)

Ok this isn't strictly guitary, but it does contain some great music and is quite likely to be the best movie montage you have ever seen... I that was good enough reason for me to post it. The art of using music to compliment or even enhance movie pictures is one Ive always found rather magical.

How many of these 2010 movies have you seen or recognise?

The Invisible Drum Kit

Possibly some of the great music mime ever in this clip. I would love to see what Rowan Atkinson would do with air guitar :)

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NIN: "Just Like You Imagined"

Skip to 1:20mins to get past all the fluff (and non work safe language.) Nine Inch Nails performing "Just Like You Imagined" live in LA Sept 2009, with special guest Mike Garson. You may recognize this song from the trailer for the movie '300'. I was fortunate enough to see Nine Inch Nails live in 2008 and they exceeded my already high expectations!

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Top Ten Solo Albums That Shook the World

It's either a sad or wonderful fact of life: sometimes our favorite band members decide to fly the coop and strike out on their own. Sometimes the results are absolutely disastrous. Sometimes they're pretty good. Sometimes they even overshadow the work of the band that made them famous. Here are ten of the best.

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