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I Cant Believe Its... Only 1 Guitar!

Check out the massive sound Jason Kessler gets playing is sweet 12 string Lowden playing his track "Overlay". For you tuning junkies - this dynamic fingerstyle piece uses DADGAD tuning. Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master? Click Here

Bill Bailey's Message To Metallica

Bill recorded this special message to Metallica during his rehearsals for Sonisphere UK at Knebworth. I love how you just know there is going to be a twist but regardless, you cant prepare yourself for the what's to happen once the melody kicks in. Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master? Click Here

The Humans Are Dead

Ahh, such a pity the Concords are no more. Here's a classic from the early days before they got big.Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

MattRach - Sevvoslag ( Official Video 2011)

MattRach is back with his crazy faces and intense Telecaster riffing. This piece has awesome dynamics and I love the way his solo constantly walks that fine balance of almost spilling out of control. Sevvoslag is taken from the album 2011 MattRach album "Already Out There". Ready to become a Blues Guitar Master? Click Here

Jon Gomm Just Melted My Face!

I remember once joking with a mate how cool it would be to use the tuners on your guitar to chance notes mid song. The joke is over cos Jon Gomm does it for real... and REALLY freakin well! Prepare to be wowed... (jump straight to 57 seconds for all the action.)Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Pete Thorn - "Homage" using Axe FX 2

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Garageband for iPhone & iPod ROCKS!

I just downloaded Garageband for iPhone today and after giving it good spin this evening Ive got to so its absolutely stunning! Ive downloaded 6 or 7 drum machine and music production apps in the last two week that have come up short. Must of them just arent very functional when it comes to actually 'making music' rather than just toying around. The amazing this is the price, at just over $5 Im utterly wowed. I truelly believe that several hundred music apps have just become redundant. There are some elements in it that the full computer version doesnt even feature. The integration of an on board sampler is an absolute killer. I look forward to putting this baby to good use when stuck places with time to kill. More details

Amazing Little Koreans Playing Guitar

Sending a person to this video is going to be my default response for anyone who tells me their hands are to small for guitar :) So other than having your parents force you to practice 3 hours a day from the age of 3, is there a better way to learn the guitar and actually enjoy it? Check out Rocksmith, available for Xbox 260, PS3 and PC.

Buy Rocksmith HERE

Rocksmith - Freak Guitar Accident

Goodbye Guitar Hero hello Rocksmith. Guitar games are taking the next step into reality... this video takes it to reality and beyond a few steps further, very cool! Available for Xbox 260, PS3 and PC.

Buy Rocksmith HERE

Guitar String Osillations

Ever wondered what it would look like to see an acoustic guitar played from inside the guitar? Here is your chance!

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Michael Winslow - Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

People are always asking is there another way to be a guitar god than spending years and years practicing the guitar. Here's your answer... but I dare say the years and years bit still applies :)

Hide and Seek (Imogen Heap) Solo Guitar by Antoine Dufour

Wow, Antoine Dofour does this amazing Imogen Heap track such great justice instrumentally. Beautiful space and sensitivity.

Don Ross "Crazy" Cover

Wow, Don Ross nails this cover of the fantastic Gnarles Barkley track crazy!

[Video] Thomas Leeb Guitar Boot Camp Austria

Some amazing acoustic percussion guitarists in this fantastic video including Don Ross, Jon Gomm and of course Thomas Leeb.

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

iPad Garageband Live Guitar Solo

Watch what guitarist George Lambro can do with an iPad 2 running a $5 copy of GarageBand... (be sure to stick around for the guitar solo!)

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Bob Zabek - Groovy Tapping Wizard

Bob Zabek's Youtube channel is appropriately title bobwizard because he certainly is a wizard on the fretboard. Jump straight to 1:21 to get past the intro noodling where Bob really starts to show his musicality aswell and not just his tapping skills. Bob's playing is a strange hybrid touching on elements of Steve Vai style hammer on bends and groovy John Mayer style slap percussion.

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons course HERE

Baby Guitar Hoax?

A clever piece of viral advertising for the new real life guitar game Rocksmith where a baby is allegedly place an electric guitar all by itself...

If your asking 'is it real?' the answer is no its a hoax... but a very clever one designed to create curiosity about the up coming real life guitar game Rocksmith. Its certainly achieved the aim of going viral but when looking at the video comments below it on youtube I cant find one actually questioning 'what is Rocksmith?' Virality = Win, Advertising Effectiveness = Fail.

Learn to play the blues with a FREE 10 part video lessons courseHERE

Funny Steel Panther Guitar Lesson

Mock-rocker Satchel teaches you how to play the hilarious hit "Death to All But Metal" by his and Steel Panther! Hilarious :)

Trance Music On Guitar?

The wonders of a delay pedal never grow old, here Ewan Dobson plays a trance song with the aid of his delay pedal and acoustic guitar. Delay pedals were traditionally very pricey pedals but these days they have come down in price considerably. See below for the best prices on some great units including the favourite of many players, the BOSS digital delay.

Zvex Fuzz Factory - I Want One!

The Zvex Fuzz Factory certinly offers so crazy tonal posibiliites. Just listen to Matt Bellamy of MUSE to hear it action.

Got a hold of one of these great pedals for a great price below:

Chickenfoot "Foxy Lady" (live)

Chad Smith's live drumming intensity really sets the scene here for Joe Satriani belt out the classic riffs of the Jimi hendrix classic with a gritty passion. Enjoy!

Chickenfoot posted under this video:
This was a great year and we were just feeling thankful for all of you fans and thought we'd share this as a holiday gift. It's an outtake from the Live In Cabo webcast and is a really smoking version of this tune!

The Making of Gotyes 'Eyes Wide Open'

A short documentary film about the making of the Gotye song 'Eyes Wide Open'. Awesome insight into Wally's song writing process and how about that musical fence, I want one :) Filmed and edited by James Bryans ( The Winton Musical Fence designed and constructed by Graeme Leak (

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MattRach - 'Bad Romance' Lady Gaga Guitar Cover

Matt Rach is back up to his old bedroom guitar tricks again uploading an awesome instrumental shred guitar cover of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. Matt landed a lot of negative comments moving to a live band set up, no doubt his old time fans will be happy to see him back ripping it up in the solo environment.

For those keen on making there own cover Matt has supplied a backing trackHERE but unfortunately you'll have to work out the tabs for yourself. Apart from the crazy shred bits it shouldn't give you to many problems though.

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Acoustic Looping Master Phil Keaggy

If there is one guitar trick that always grabs my attention is the use of looping. Check out the cool looper improv at 2:15secs. Phil start with percussion, adds bass (by detuning on the fly) and then jams over the lot with tasty acoustic blues licks. Very reminiscent of Dave Mathews right hand man Tim Reynolds.

Learn to play the blues with FREE video lessons HERE

Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons Jam

Two of my faves onstage at once, Paul Gilbert and Andy Timmons jamming live at the Namm festival in 2009. Andy was invited up on stage at the last moment, they had only played the song together once before a few years ago. You can feel that nervous, unplanned energy in the performance... which is this case is a good thing.

Learn to play the blues with FREE video lessons HERE

Ball Tearing Blues!

This video is the first I had heard of Laith Al-Saadi and I was impressed to say the least. He's a blues guitarists who'se not afraid to utilize his great chops, yet still maintains direction and musicality at all times. This live video sees him wielding his Fender Telecaster with great authority, tipping his hat to many great tunes and guitarists in a medley type arrangement.

Learn to play the blues with FREE video lessonsHERE

Shred Guitar Medley From Hell

This is a strange mix of good and bad all at once. Ive got to say I have a soft spot for ultra medleys and this definitely is ultra in its length and number of tracks combined. All played live might I add!

Here's the medley contents:
Children of Bodom - Children of Bodom, The Attitude Song - Steve Vai, Erotomania - Dream Theater, TAS, Downfall - CoB, Erotomania, Trilogy Suite Op. 5 - Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Warheart - CoB, TAS, I wanna be on Planet X - original by Mr. Peewee, For the Love of God - Steve Vai, Paradigm Shift - Liquid Tension Experiment, (For the Love of God), TAS, Take the Time - DT, Entry of the Gladiators - Julius Fucik (arranged by Liquid Tension Experiment), Universal Mind - LTE, TAS, Pull Me Under - DT, For Elise has been raped (Bagatelle in A minor WoO 59, "Für Elise") - orig. L. van Beethoven, arranged by Peewee, TAS, Erotomania, Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen, TAS, Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana. (thanks to PeeweeFI…

Blind Guitarist Shreds!

I haven't posted one of these 'obscure talented guitar with a difference' videos in a while but this one certainly beckoned attention. This guy is blind and plays the guitar overhand style. Wait for the solo to kick in a little further in the video. Mad skills!

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'Pro Guitar Shop' Gear Reviews

Here's another great gear review Youtube Channel for you guys Pro Guitar Shop. Their channel features over 700 videos reviewing, guitars, amps, pedals and more. Here a taste of their slick informative vids.

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Guitar Used For Comedy Soundtrack

Nick Thune uses guitar in his comedy act but not in the normal way making comedy songs, he simply uses it as a soundtrack to paint a background mood. Unique and very cool, such dry sense of humor. I dig it :)

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'Angels & Airwaves' Make A Film

Synopsis - After losing contact with Earth, Astronaut LEE MILLER becomes stranded in orbit alone aboard the International Space Station. As time passes and life support systems dwindle, Lee battles to maintain his sanity - and simply stay alive. His world is a claustrophobic and lonely existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship. Driven by the powerful music of ANGELS & AIRWAVES, LOVE explores the fundamental human need for connection and the limitless power of hope A high-impact visual adventure, that resonates a common truth, that everyone has a story to tell and something even greater to leave behind. Release - March 2011.

Finger Picking Landscapes - Jose Gonzalez

Ever have the last song be your favourite song of an album? This one sure is for me, it's 'Cycling Trivialities' from the album In Our Nature by Jose Gonzalez. A beautiful dancing finger picking pattern and a majestic grace that turns into a wave of emotion as the song progresses.

2 thumbs up to Jose nailing this one live!

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Roland Guitar Synth Challenge

Using entirely a midi guitar for the playing of sounds this is a really cool piece of creative music making by David Walliman. The guitar used was a Brian Moore IGuitar with a Roland Midi Pickup. All sounds you hear are triggered with the guitar only.

All sounds from a Roland GR-33 (link below to new GK-3 pickup)
Drum sounds from Addictive Drums

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The Shredder Cheese Grater

Is this the coolest cheese grater or what!
If you want to buy one you can find them HERE.

Freak Kitchen & LJO - There's No Money in Jazz

Metal meets Brass! Freak Kitchen & Linkoping Jazz Orchestra live in Linkoping performing 'There's No Money in Jazz'. Mattias is such a funny guy I wish I knew what he was saying at the start!

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Tosin Abasi Interview

'Animals As Leaders' creator Tosin Abasi talks about how he handles the pressure of being regarded a prodigy, his recording setup, 5 desert island albums and more.

Such a chilled, happy guy for such amazing abilities!

Awesome Guitar Demos Youtube Channel

Ever feel like you happy with the your guitar/s and dont need any more? Uncle Greg will fix that when you watch his videos... he's a guitar player / dealer based in Germany with an awesome Youtube channel showcasing hundreds of amazing guitars.

Check out his fantastic channel below, be prepared to drool though he sure has got some treats!

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webform - 6 week course

2010 Movie Montage (Stunning Video)

Ok this isn't strictly guitary, but it does contain some great music and is quite likely to be the best movie montage you have ever seen... I that was good enough reason for me to post it. The art of using music to compliment or even enhance movie pictures is one Ive always found rather magical.

How many of these 2010 movies have you seen or recognise?

The Invisible Drum Kit

Possibly some of the great music mime ever in this clip. I would love to see what Rowan Atkinson would do with air guitar :)

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NIN: "Just Like You Imagined"

Skip to 1:20mins to get past all the fluff (and non work safe language.) Nine Inch Nails performing "Just Like You Imagined" live in LA Sept 2009, with special guest Mike Garson. You may recognize this song from the trailer for the movie '300'. I was fortunate enough to see Nine Inch Nails live in 2008 and they exceeded my already high expectations!

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Top Ten Solo Albums That Shook the World

It's either a sad or wonderful fact of life: sometimes our favorite band members decide to fly the coop and strike out on their own. Sometimes the results are absolutely disastrous. Sometimes they're pretty good. Sometimes they even overshadow the work of the band that made them famous. Here are ten of the best.

See who the Top 10 are... HERE