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Steve Lukather & Marty Friedman Jamming!

Hearing a well known guitarist cover another well known guitarists song is one thing but hearing 2 well known guitarists cover each others song while sitting in the same room is another thing all together. Confused? Then watch the video and see what I yaking on about :)

If you are easily offended skip the potentially offensive lead in banter and jump straight to the guitar action at 20 seconds.

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Rock Stars Kidnapped By Ninjas!

So I recently got into this whole video blogging thing as an outlet for airing my thoughts on guitar, new music, bands etc. Subscribe to the channel at

Leave your comment below sharing... if kidnapped by ninjas which sexy star you would want to save you? And why? The best answer will feature in my next vlog.

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Approaching Warp Speed, Hold On To Your Butts!

so I heard a few mentions of Andy James in the same sentence as Paul Gilbert who Im a huge fan of so decided to give his videos some investigating... 3;30mins later Im here trying to pull my eyebrows down my forehead!

Occasionally you find a player who absolutely flaws you from the word go, Andy James is one of those players. There are a zillion shredders out there but Andy James is one of the few who manages to maintain incredible note clarity even at warp speed.

Speed aside he also has some great phrasing and menacing vibrato. Enough of my yakking, press play and prepare to feel the need to for a couple of decades of practice :)

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First 3D Music Video

Awwwwweful music, but the 3D is great if you have red/blue glasses! Apparently its the first 3d film clip on youtube, if not its probably the first well produced one.
(at time of publishing more than 50% of the 3D movies on youtube aren't very affective.)

Need glasses try Ebay, I got mine for under $5 delivered and their actual plastic glasses not just the old paper ones. Enjoy, even if that requires turning the sound down :)

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Engaging The Lighter Side Of Metal

I had a good laugh while watching this Killswitch Engage video clip... a great reminder that music is all about enjoyment, and big part of that being not taking things tooo seriously. A good lesson we can all be reminded of from time to time.

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Jam To The Ninja Guitar Beat!

Mr Fast Finger is the magical meeting of shred guitar, animation and humour. What's more he's a very nice guy because he's now provided us with a blog of wicked shred licks to learn + and a very groovy ninja backing track loop.

Hear Fast Finger fan Ugur Dariveren ripping up over the loop with his slippery licks then try it yourself HERE!

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