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The Silly Side Of Music

Tim Minchin says "This is a silly song. I stopped doing it for a while because it was so silly, but people insist on me having it in the show. There are three kinds of people. The musos who love it and think it's really funny. The everyday kind of people who get it and find it amusing... Then there are those that don't notice there's anything wrong."

What to do if your hands are to big (or small) for guitar...

If there is any complaint from guitar students I have no time for, its those about the hands/fingers being to big, to small, to fat to skinny etc.

Unless you have some serious disfigurement or injury, this complaint is just plain bollocks. Get off your emo chair, stop making excuses and work on your playing.

Still need more convincing? Watch this video...

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Need Motivation To Practice?

As a guitar teacher of over 10 years, Ive had to privilege of seeing what makes people tick when it comes to LEARNING.

One of the biggest indicators of success or failure is an attribute that's as clear as day in the moment I meet a new student... Its quite simply ATTITUDE.

The people who do well are those that...
A. Believe they can succeed.
B. Trust and follow my guidance as a teacher
C. Don't get stuck in their head. They simple take action.

If you have trouble getting yourself to practice or any of the above sound like you watch the following video.

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Ninja Guitar Man!

What an aweful video... but what great playing that makes up for it :)

Today was my first encounter of ninja guitar man Ewan Dobson and I was impressed to say the least. Its a wonder that he even chooses to use the gimmick of wear a martial arts gi. Either way it puts a smile on my face refering to him as you ninja guitar man :)

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'THIS Is Rock N Roll'

I don't think words can quite explain just how epic this is. Guitar related or not I just had to post it. Enjoy :)

Make sure you watch the video... I might be different than you expect!

Get one yourself check out the links below the video.

Vai Spy Cam

Last week I shared with you a spy cam video of Mattias IA Eklundh doing his thing minus the audience. There is something tremendously revealing and neutralizing about this sort of video, by chance I landed on a similar video of Steve Vai working on ideas in the studio.

Turns out he does pull those crazy faces off stage aswell! Stick around for his mini lesson in the second half.

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