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Spying On An Amazing Guitarist

There is something magical about watching a great player in a non performance, almost peephole perspective. No ego, just the player and their instrument.

In this video its one of my favourite players, Sweden's Mattas IA Eklundh. Amazing chops and awesome creativity with unorthodox techniques and phrasing.

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Creating A Great Band

Steve Vai talks about the mammoth task of putting together his band for the 'Where The Wild Things Are' tour.

A great insight into to huge amount of work and dedication it takes to create a really special show. Some good gems of wisdom also.

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Stairway to a Heavenly Allstar Band

Check out Mary J Blige, Steve Vai, Orianthi, Randy Jackson and Travis Barker playing one of the all time great rock songs 'Stairway To Heaven'.

What's cool is how they blend the behind the scenes shots and interviews in with the song. A great classic done justice without being to safe or vearing to far from the original.

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Acoustic Wah Solo

Who ever said a wah pedal is only for using on an electric guitar? Gabriela of Rodrigo & Gabriella shows off her awesome guitar percussion skills on this live Bonaroo festival video.

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Make Your Own Guitar Picks

Always running out of picks? Then make your own with a pick punch from

Its seems so obvious its a surprise I haven't seen anyone else marketing these before.

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Hidden Acoustic Treasures

I posted an Erik Mongrain video last year after becoming an fan on first seeing him in action. Today I stumbled on an old video of him that I hadn't seen before so I decided to share it. Amazing playing as always.

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Digital Guitar Revolution

This looks like lots of fun, I want one!

Unfortunately details are very sketchy on getting hold of one of of these digital guitars. The website simply states 'if you would like to be on the waiting list or have any questions about price or availability send an email.

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John Farham - Gone Metal!

Ok first up Blind Guardian have hit a home run with this cover! Absolute gold and very unexpected. Synched to perfection I laughed my ass off all the way through.

My first ever cassette was John Farnham's 'Whispering Jack' album, so it make this all the more entertaining.

For any international readers unfamiliar - the song is 24 years old, originally by Australian music icon John Farnham. You can hear the original song HERE.

Check out Blind Guardian's brand new album below!