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TV Show Medley From Hell

I always appreciate a cover with a twist and even more so when its a medley.

Freddie has done a great job putting this mammoth medley together, no stops, smooth transitions and awesome vocal harmonies to top it all off.

Oh and lets not forget, some great tv themes!

More Than Just A Webcam Shredder

Its been over a year since I watched a MattRach video on youtube and I'm glad to say he's come a long way. I sensed that there was a spark of something a little more special than most youtube bedroom shredders but it was just yet to be realised.

Since his old webcam guitar vids things have really started to take shape. This video is still very lofi but that's also its strength, this clip wants to be messy.

As for the music those little spark of something special have materialised into solid song writing somewhere between Tom Morello's RATM riffery and MUSE style end of the world layered harmonies. Production is great and to my surprise the whole thing holds together really well. I look forward to seeing where things go for MattRach in the coming years.

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Guitar Idol Winner

So this here fella Jack Thammarat was winner Guitar Idol for 2009 (which I believe is an international competition based in UK... any more info anyone?)

Great soulful Satriani'esk playing, some people oddly consider a flaw. My thought has always been who cares if you wear influences on your sleeve, as long as you do it well that's all that matters!

This is his competition winning track 'On The way'
You can get the video, tab and backing track download for about $10 at:

Check out his other vids on his youtube channel at:


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Robot Band - 'The Trons'

Ive seen a few dodgy looking robotically played musical instruments but this blows them out of the water, this is a whole band, 'the Trons' Damn nice job for a bunch of New Zealand lads!

The only let down is the song is well, pretty lame. Bring on some classic rock... Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Metallica?

One Man Daft Punk Cover

You cant beat a bit of good loop station action. Mix it with some talk box action and a live one man Daft Punk cover and you're in for a treat. Enjoy!

Makes you want to go and buy a loop station doesnt it :)
Here's a link to the one Ryan uses. Line 6 DL4 Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

10 year old plays Vai's 'For The Love Of God'

It's been a while since Ive featured a 'prodigy child' guitarist on the blog and I think 10 year old girl Haruka kageyama of Japan is a is a good excuse for such a post. Covering Steve Vai's For The Love Of God is no mean feat and she does a great job of it.

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Jeff Loomis - Brutal As A Spartan!

Jeff Loomis of 'Nevermore' is just one of those guys that never seems to miss a note... oh and lets not forget brutal is a Spartan!

Need an excuse to lock yourself in a room for a few years practice? Watching Jeff in action should provide that :)

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