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Amazing Unknown Amps & Player!

Both the player the amps and the player were complete unknown to me before this but Im equally impressed with both. Meet Carl Roa and Fortin amps! I can hear a few Petrucci'isms in there... who else does he remind you of? Learn guitar online HERE

5 Free Trent Reznor MP3s

I have a hell of a lot of respect for the way Trent Reznor goes about business selling his music... it goes something like 'screw you corporate monsters, I will make the music I want, when I want, how I want it... then I am going to sell it direct to my fans instead of giving you 90% of the takings."

If that wasn't reason enough he's a big advocate of giving away awesome free tasters. Click the link to get 5 free tracks from The Social Network soundtrack:

If you enjoy Trent's other work you'll really dig these tracks, Ive had them on loop and am about to buy the full thing. Looks like the marketing worked!

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Music Vid Revolution - Crowdsourcing

Having fans help you make your song video is know as crowd sourcing. Its a relatively new phenomena and this clip shows its great potential. The good news is videos can be shot on a shoes string budget and catapult bands into the spotlight of millions of viewers by their viral nature (remember Ok Go's treadmill clip).

The department where this sort of clip does cost is that of time... lots and lots of preparation time. This songs music video had four directors, took two months of story boarding, and a month of shooting to complete.

Well worth the effort though Im sure you'll agree! Enjoy.

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Perpetual Picking Motion = Groove

Something that Im constantly trying to help develop in my students playing is GROOVE, and the very top key to groove is keeping your picking hand moving. 'If your hand keeps moving you'll keep grooving!'

This video is an awesome example of exactly that. She not only keeps her hand moving for chords but also for her lead guitar licks. The result, rock solid groove.

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