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Morello's Crazy Guitar Solos

Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave has inspired countless guitarists with his unorthodox guitar techniques sounds. On the flip side of the coin though he has probably straight out baffled twice as many guitarists!

This compilation video of his solos gives you a look at him making some of those crazy sounds... it should give you a much better chance of sussing out how he does them.

Dont forget: Crazy sounds are awesome but if your still a beginner you should to get the basics nailed first with a teacher, or a quality guitar course like THIS

Weird Faces Make You Play Better

Im not sure if its compulsory that you have to pull this facial expression when tapping classical music on a double neck guitar but this guy sure seems to think it is :)

Either way, some great playing. Both impressive and amusing!

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Ani Difranco Free MP3

Ani Difranco corrently has a free download of her song "Emancipated Minor"  from Amazon. The song is taken from her 2008 release Red Letter Year. If your not familiar with her work, check her out. She has a very unique vocal style and very funky acoustic guitar parts.
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Slash Attacked!

Much to my amusement my old guitar teacher used to say "rock'n'roll is a tough game Andy, that's why they wear sweat bands".

By the looks of this clip where a crazy guy tries to attack Slash, he is right... rock'n'roll is a tough game. I just never expected it be quite so literal.

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Excessively Freaky

Hot damn, this guy has got some great skills... its impressive seeing Steve Vai himself playing 'Freak Show Excess' let alone someone else learning this monsterous piece of music!

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How's your picking speed?

Is this video tasteful, funky, rockin or cool? No, its none of these things.

But, it is a great kick in the butt reminder that maybe you should spend a little bit of time improving your picking :)

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Guitar Software Bargain

So the new Amplitube (3) is out now with all new bells and whistles to make you want to buy it. I gave the new version a try and to tell the truth it didnt really seem to offer much for than its fantastic predecessor, Amplitube 2.

What's more, you can get Amplitube 2 bundled deal with a whole heap of great audio software from its maker IK, for a fraction of the price. Click the link below to check it out...

IK Multimedia IK Essentials Software Bundle with SampleTank 2.5L, AmpliTube 2 Live, and T-RackS 3 Standard

Can you play 2 guitars at once?

Why settle for playing just 1 guitar at a time when you can play 2!

If this guy can play two guitars at once you have no excuse to not begin get great at playing just 1 :)

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