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Arms Are Over-rated

Sometimes I watch a video that completely flaws me, this is one of them. Amazing, wowing and completely inspiring!

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Piano Guitar

Ive seen some all tapping guitar playing before but London guy Stefan Joubert takes the cakes for elevating things to a whole new level. Its no wonder many people call this style of playing 'piano guitar'.

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Steve Vai - Make Your Jams 'Interactive'

I see far to many players who dont get what it is to 'jam'. This is unfortunate because its one of the most enjoyable part of playing the guitar.

What I love about this video that it very literally shows you what an enjoyable thing it is to 'interact' with other players. You dont have to go to the extent of what you see at 4:50mins, the point Im making is to listen to what your mate is playing and interact. Treat you jam as a conversation and your jams will be more enjoyable than you ever thought possible.

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100's of Hit Songs - 4 Chords

This super funny video is an awesome demonstration of the importance of understanding chord progressions an how you can take a chord progression and simply alter the key, tempo or groove to come up with something your ear (+ the general public) often wont realize its heard before!

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Basketball, Business, Guitar - The same rules apply

When you have a dream you must do these 3 things:
1) Protect your dream from those who say who cannot do it (even your self).
2) Be prepared for the resistance that will come as you pursue it.
3) Go get it with all your heart and all you have to give.

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Its Not Where You Play - Its How You Play It

There's something refreshingly honest about seeing this guy ripping it up in the street on an average guitar and cheap little portable amp. Its a nice reminder that skills are #1, gear and everything else comes second.

Jump straight to 1:24mins to get to the playing.

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Burning Speed Guitar

Im not a huge fusion, but this is a great exceptions. What I love in this video is the awesome interactivity between bass and drums and the magic chaos that emerges when you put three guns in one room together. You get "fireworks" :)

There is no denying it Shawn Lane has some hell crazy guitar chops!

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