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Orianthi vs Vai

A cool bit of guitar duel action between Steve Vai and aussie sensation Orianthi on her new video for the song 'High Strung'. Simple is slick video.

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'Ghost Busters' Gone Rock

I thought I'd continue the metal spin on cool movie/tv themes from last post, this one is quite a laugh! Not to say its bad, its actually really good (unlike many of the others out there.)

Its not so much a metal cover as a 80's / hard rock / shred / funk version! Enjoy :)

P.S. Listen to the end, its got a funny ending.

Metal guitar Macgyer cover!

Im a Macgyer fan from way back so when I saw the title of this video I was very edgy... I'd hate to see someone slaughter such a great theme. 'It could be great, or it could be a travesty', nervously I hit play... Im glad to say folks 'we have a winner'. Great cover!

Paul Brett Plays With Himself

Sorry! could resist the call. Paul Brett plays with himself a lot better than most others Ive ever seen with two necks.. not out of others lack of ability but simply by the fact that most people Ive seen people sling on a double neck dont actually put the 2 necks to any real use.

Paul displays how you can get a great dueling vibe between the 6 and 12 string necks. Bravo Paul, jolly good show I say :)

Acoustic Tap 'n' Slap Gone To Far?

In all truth I think this is verging on technique for technique's sake but its still pretty impressive :) Take from it what you will.

Oh yeah, still around for the crazy tapping at 1:30mins!

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The new Andy McKee

Word is Andy McKee went on a diet and moved to Asia...
maybe the rumours are true :)

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