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Great AMP, great PLAYER

I happened across a clip of Pete Thorn at the recent Namm festival after hearing lots of people speaking praise of both the Suhr amps he was demoing and him as a player.

Gotta say Im pretty damn impressed with both. Pete is a session guitarist with plenty of worthy names under his belt and is the right hand man for Chris Cornell.

Obviously a great player like Pete would sound good through almost anything but I've gotta say I was damn impressed with what I heard. Pretty decent prices aswell.

Suhr Guitar Website - Amp Details
Pete Thorn Website -

Below is Pete Thorn demoing the Suhr Badger 30 (jump to 1:40mins if you want to skip the tech talk and go straight to the playing)...

Trash your beloved guitar for 4 million youtube views?

If you haven't already seen it now's the time... well, assuming you can handle a little bit of country music.

Based on his own true story, country song writer Dave Carroll flew with United Airlines and his rather pricey Taylor got dealt some major damage in transit. After weeks of delays on his claim to the airline, United eventually blew him off and took no responsibility for the damage.

He wrote a song about it, filmed this clip, put it on Youtube and the rest is history! Talk about turning a negative into a positive. The video has been huge, 4,000,000+ views in only 3 weeks! I bet United Airlines are regretting that decision :)

Dave Carroll - 'United Break Guitars'

MIDI Triggered Flame Bursts Of Glory!

So if you have ever had anything to do with midi you'll know that the basic concept is TRIGGERING. Its most often used to trigger instrument sounds by pressing keys on a keyboard or to trigger drum samples with an electric drum kit.

You can go further and do clever things like set up midi sequence events to trigger the change of guitar patches on pedal boards so that all complex pedal bashing is automated. (Mind you I have rarely seen it done out of practicality... its more a case of guys trying to hook two things together a get one device tell the other what to do purely out of manly conquest and feel proud of his own technical abilities.)

So before I get any more side tracked, in a nut shell midi is both terribly geeky and self indulgent while also have the potential to do some really cool stuff. This video is a great example of the later (which is admittedly quite rare!)

An electric drum kit has been rigged up to trigger gas flame bursts and it's been used at outdoor party …