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Showing posts from November, 2009

Dave Matthews Band - Growing A Chorus

I remember a while back just after getting a hold of the new Dave Mathews album 'Big Whiskey & the Grugrux King' (weird name I know), I switched on tv late one night smack bang on time to see DMB playing playing my fave track off the album - 'Why I Am'.

Great energy to it and a cool idea where the chorus line grows each repeat, clever. (45secs)

Needs more cowbell?

This is a bit of an in joke but I found it amusing... Talk to any drummer any drummer and they are familiar with the old gag that if a song sounds like its lacking something it needs more cowbell, and that the cowbell is secretly THE coolest thing ever.

7 year old plays Santana - Chilled

Continuing from last posts amazing kid guitarist theme, this 7 year old boy's playing stood out to me for his comfort with space. It made me realise you dont normally see that. Most 'amazing kid player' videos feature them playing things that are non stop, and as I said last time tend to be about physical skills. Its an illusive element that's a sure sign of a mature player, being comfortable with silence. It's sounds simple enough but in actual fact its not.

*Andy puts his hand on his chin and looks into the distance ponderously*

Buy A Guitar, Get Chicks

One of my old favourites, so much social commentary in these 6 little animated cells.

I remember someone once tell me the ability to be a good speaker is conveying all of your message in as few words as possible, this is a great example.

Little girl plays Satriani.. Well

With the advent of youtube, videos of young players with astonishing skills isn't that uncommon now. Some of them are technically gifted for their age, where as others really do send you for six when they play with feel that is considered to be reserved until one reaches early adulthood.

With the acceptation of a few nerves this young lady falls into the later. To close your eyes you wouldn't believe your listening to a tiny little girl play.