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Classic Rock - Organ for Guitar?

This is a sweet medley of classic rock guitar songs all performed by a cool ass band with organ replacing all the guitar parts. Some purists would hit the roof but their just old prudes. This kicks butt and I just had to share it with you!

Pretty damn cool how he's got a great big stick coming out of the organ for vibrato!

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Play with your fave band... 1 night only!

This band was come up with the novel idea of having a new fan play keys for them at each location in their tour. They put song transcriptions on their website for fans to download and then choose someone to play live at a gig with them! Saves hiring a keys player :)
Maybe not the best idea if your band anything like MUSE or Ben Folds where your piano parts have finger flying all over the place but for a pop rock band like this it's ideal. Innovative, daring and fun. Thumbs up.

George Lynch & Dave Navarro - Jamming / Talking Guitar

Dave Navarro jams with and interviews George Lynch. It's a cool and casual interview where the guys touch on the topics of creativity vs theory, teaching others, playing mannerisms, playing outside the pentatonic box and more.
Something that stood out in this interview, that I always try impart to my students is that everyone has a distorted view of their idols. You see them as having reached the top, only seeing what they are good at but not their weaknesses. Its when you watch or listen to interviews like this that you can have a moment of clarity as heros confesses 'Im terrible at this other style', 'I wish I could do this technique better', 'I go wow when I see such and such play'.

Wierdest Guitar Playing Technique?

Ok so its not as freaky as last weeks video of the no armed guy playing with his feet but as far as folks 'with hands' go this guy has got one of the weirdest playing styles I've laid my eyes on.

Such an awkwardly curved wrist, yet he still is able to play pretty damn fast even if it does come across as a bit messy.

An Air Guitar T-shirt?

...from no arms last post to this time... no guitar!

Im gonna be straight, this invention is in all reality a bit crap, but there is a certain amusement factor so it's worth sharing. What I also thought funny was the fact is was made by the CSIRO, who are normally the brains behind practical scientific developments for the betterment of all man kind... and they make a tshirt with sensor in that makes a noise when you swing your arms in from of it?

Who know's maybe it will lead on to better things that bring peace and joy to the world :)

More details at the CSIRO website: HERE