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Channeling spirits, before their dead?

I had someone refer to Craig Ross the other day with words of praise so decided to check him out. He's the guitarists for Lenny Kravitz and Im glad to say I was suitably impressed.

He really captures that 'classic 10 minute solo that makes the audience all go nuts with its energy - instead of boring them senseless' vibe. As any guitarist knows, playing a long solo and being able to keep the crowd into it is 'tough', plain and simple.

What I find amusing is he seems to have really channeled the spirit (and hair) of Jimmy Page in his playing, which is funny cos Jimmy is still alive!


Gabriel said…
Wow!! This solo got my hair to stand up...From my arms coming up my spine, up to my neck. You know the feeling!
Nail Guitar said…
The never ending solo is a fine art is indeed a fine art hey :)

Cheers for your comment Gabriel... feel free to spread the love, I'd love to know what other think of the blog. Suggestions etc.
Young Vic said…
All of Fender’s guitar designs have endured, and they are prized by both players and collectors.